I'm sooooo EXCITED that you decided apply for your very own 20 minute Ideal Client Clarification Assessment!  

Your willing to allow me to pull back the veil & reveal the gaps keeping you from having:

·  Soul connections with your Ideal Audience
·  A Tribe that is gun-ho to drop cash to work with you
· Clients that YOU light up to work with
· A Brand that IMPACTS with your Mission & Message

Please take the time to complete this Intake Form, it will help me to determine where our time is best spent during your session.

See you soon!
~ Famira, The Diamond DIVA
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Thank you for taking the time to complete this Intake Form! This will help me and my team determine how best to serve you!

Please go to http://bit.ly/scheduleicc and schedule your desired appointment date and time!

**Please note that Diamond DIVA International, LLC reserves the right to cancel any appointment schedule if the application is deemed a not good fit.**
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